Ship Design Solutions develop, market and support the LoadmatePlus and Loadmate on-board loading programs and provide software and related services to naval architects and others involved in the design and construction of ships.



Now with Container Loading for cellular containerships.


LoadmatePlus is a stability, strength and load planning program for use on-board ship. It is intuitive and easy to use and displays key values that are critical to the safe loading of the vessel. The program provides a quick and accurate assessment of the vessel’s stability and longitudinal strength.

It is an IACS Type 3 loading computer and calculates the vessel’s intact and damage stability directly from an accurate geometric definition of the vessel. This means it can be used to analyse conditions that differ significantly from those in the stability booklet, where an approved damage stability limiting curve is not available.

The program has been installed on a wide range of different vessel types such as

  • offshore supply/anchor handling vessels,
  • gas tankers,
  • general cargo/grain/container ships
  • and now with the additions of a new Container Loading module, it supports cellular containerships.

The Container Loading module supports reading and writing a standard BAPLIE file. For more information see the Container Loading post.

For more information please refer to the LoadmatePlus page.