Anchor Handling

A new option has been added to LoadmatePlus version 7.30.1 to check that anchor handling operations comply with the document: Emergency Guidelines for Supply Boats and Tugs engaged in Anchor Handling , issued by Sjøfartsdirektoratet (Norwegian Maritime Directorate) dated 16.05.2007.

Paragraph 3.1, states that the maximum allowed heeling moment that gives the least of the following angles of heel, shall be calculated:

  1. The angle corresponding to a GZ value, which is 50% of the maximum GZ.
  2. The angle that gives water on the working deck, assuming a flat deck.
  3. 15 degrees.

The ship’s personnel must ensure that the actual moment applied, when handling an anchor, does not exceed the maximum moment.
When this option is selected, the maximum allowable moment is calculated and printed in the report.
Note that this option will only appear, if anchor handling has been activated for the particular vessel.

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