Loadmate is an on-board loading program designed specifically to provide ship’s officers with the means to rapidly assess the stability and strength of the vessel.

Loadmate was originally developed by KCS/Tribon/AVEVA. Ship Design Solutions (SDS) has entered into an agreement with AVEVA Solutions Ltd., which enables SDS to market, develop, maintain and support Loadmate.

Key Features


  • Constant display of the drafts, heel angle, deadweight, KG, bending moment and shear force. These characteristics are updated every time a deadweight item is changed.
  • Graphical displays of ship’s waterline, intact GZ curve, bending moment and shear force curves, which are updated every time a condition is evaluated.
  • Comprehensive multi page output of results is produced on the computer’s screen or as hard copy on the printer for inclusion in the ship’s log.


    • Spread sheet style modification of final contents of tanks, using ullage, soundings, weights or volumes with graphical display of tank location and contents. Multi tank editing and rapid “fill” or “empty” options are also included.
    • Spreadsheet style modification of cargo contents in all compartments with built in checks on permissible weights and centers of gravity. There is also a facility to switch between global (i.e. after perpendicular, keel) and relative (compartments deck, aft bulkhead) co-ordinates.

    • Graphical loading of cargo on major decks and in hold.
    • Also included is the ability to define cargo items and locate them on the deck using the mouse. This removes the need to separately define the centre of any cargo loaded on to the decks.
    • Graphical analysis of the effects of moving, loading and unloading cargo using an onboard crane including condition analysis at any required outreach and skew angle.

  • Interfaces are available to link draft and tank sensors to the system enabling data to be electronically transferred into Loadmate.
  • On line access for privileged users to check and modify tabulated ship specific data. This also facilitates the rapid insertion of this data during initial setup.

Evaluation (On-Board Use)

  • Comprehensive evaluation of conditions using trimmed hydrostatic data and multiple critical KG curves.
  • Ability to assess conditions against a range of criteria selected from a menu of options.
  • Extensive built in checking system to warn users of invalid conditions, indicating which criteria have been exceeded.
  • Docking Calculations.
  • Allows for change in Lightship centre of gravity when retractable ramp is fitted.
  • Lock out loading of selected compartments with password control.
  • Sophisticated Graphical User Interface using the MS-Windows technology.

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