Change log

This page shows the changes to Loadmate Version 6 in reverse chronological order.

Build 6.12 – 01/09/2011

  1. Data location:
    Vessel and other data relocated to Application Data area to avoid problems with Windows 7 and Vista.

Build 6.11 – 08/07/2011

  1. Longitudinal strength:
    Fixed a tolerance problem which caused an error when the lcg of a weight item was exactly
    midway between its longitudinal extents.

Build 6.10 – 16/08/2008

  1. Anchor Handling:
    Anchor handling calculations according to DNV rules are now included as option.
  2. Bug fixes:
    The previous build would crash, if the displacement exceeded the range covered
    by the cross curves.
    Also when exporting data in Data Prep mode, the program would sometimes crash.
    Both these problems have been fixed.

Build 6.09 – 26/06/2007

  1. Multi-vessel Licensing:
    For use in the shipowner’s office, one installation of Loadmate can now be licensed
    for several vessels.

Build 6.08 – 12/05/2007

  1. Bending moment and shear force units:
    The output units for bending moments and shear forces have been changed to kNm and kN
    respectively, to comply with classification society requirements.

Build 6.07 – 09/11/2006

  1. Bending moment percentage values:
    The calculation of the percentage bending moment values, has now been changed to conform
    with the Germanische Lloyd requirements, when both bending moment limits are on the same side
    of zero. In the normal case, when hog and sag bending moment limits are on opposite sides
    of zero, the calculations are unchanged.
    An extra column for bending moment percentages, has also been added to the Strength Table, as requested by both Det norske Veritas (DNV) and Germanische Lloyd (GL).

Build 6.06 – 01/10/2006

  1. Export file:
    In the CRITKG section the number of drafts was incorrect and
    in the CRITERIA section, only the first character of the stability
    criteria name, was output.
    Both these errors have been corrected.
  2. LCG position limits:
    The lcg position limits are now the middle third of the compartment.
  3. Occasional program crash:
    When exiting the program directly from the Solid Tanks screen, the program
    would sometimes crash. The error causing this, has been fixed.
  4. List of loading conditions:
    There is now a button called “List conditions” on the Conditions screen.
    This enables the user to create a text file with a list of conditions.
    The list includes the file name, the name of the condition and the time it was last changed.
  5. Tanks sensors:
    A bug reading the DDE.DAT file, which is used to set up the tank sensors, has been corrected.

Build 6.05 – 24/07/2006

  1. Copy protection system:
    The copy protection has been changed from the Tribon dongle based system, to one
    based on a license file.
  2. Re-badging:
    The program has been re-badged with the Ship Design Solutions logo.

Build 6.04 – 22/07/2004

    Original Tribon version – dongle protected.