Tutorials about various aspects of LoadmatePlus will be added here as soon as they become available.

The first one is a basic tutorial about the program, its interface and how to set up a loading condition and the second, explores how LoadmatePlus handles damage and grounding.

LoadmatePlus Tutorial 1 – Getting Started Introduction to the basics of running LoadmatePlus.
LoadmatePlus Tutorial 2 – Damage Explores different ways of handling damage and grounding.
LoadmatePlus Tutorial 3 – Containers LoadmatePlus container loading for cellular containerships including BAPLIE file import.
LoadmatePlus Tutorial 4 – Grain How to load grain and check compliance with the grain stability regulations.
LoadmatePlus Tutorial 5 – Unit Loads, Anchor Handling and Cranes How to load and place unit loads, crane operations and anchor handling principally for offshore supply boats.
LoadmatePlus Tutorial 6 – Tank Sensors How LoadmatePlus uses information from sensors to set the level of fluids in tanks. (coming soon)

The tutorials make use of several demo vessels which are bundled with a demonstration version of LoadmatePlus. Use the contact form to request an installation kit for this demo version.