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Tank Sensors

From version 7.31.0, LoadmatePlus has the ability to read a sensor log file, update the tank contents accordingly and re-balance the vessel. The implementation has been done for a specific Rolls-Royce tank sounding
system, but may be tailored for similar systems that periodically output a log file containing sensor

The sensor log file is output about every 2 minutes and contains the volume of the fluid in each tank
together with its density.

For more details please refer to the LoadmatePlus User Guide.

Single Point Grounding

A new Single Point Grounding option has been added to LoadmatePlus version 7.30.1.

When this option is selected, the attitude of the vessel, grounding force and longitudinal strength. can be determined. The position of the grounding point and the depth of water over it, must be entered by the user. Note that the grounding point co-ordinates are relative to the vessel’s axis system.

The longitudinal position of the grounding point can be given either as a frame position and offset,
or as a distance from the axis origin. The program will automatically convert between them. If the calculation results in a negative grounding force, the program assumes the vessel is floating freely and will re-calculate the floating trim and draft.

When using single point grounding, the user should be aware that the vessel can easily become unstable, and if this happens, a “Maximum number of iterations…” message will probably be displayed. This usually implies that the vessel has capsized. Specifying a higher water level, will often rectify the situation, but it may be necessary to adjust, or reset, the balancing parameters.

Note that a stability (GZ) curve cannot be calculated, when the grounded option is selected.

Anchor Handling

A new option has been added to LoadmatePlus version 7.30.1 to check that anchor handling operations comply with the document: Emergency Guidelines for Supply Boats and Tugs engaged in Anchor Handling , issued by Sjøfartsdirektoratet (Norwegian Maritime Directorate) dated 16.05.2007.

Paragraph 3.1, states that the maximum allowed heeling moment that gives the least of the following angles of heel, shall be calculated:

  1. The angle corresponding to a GZ value, which is 50% of the maximum GZ.
  2. The angle that gives water on the working deck, assuming a flat deck.
  3. 15 degrees.

The ship’s personnel must ensure that the actual moment applied, when handling an anchor, does not exceed the maximum moment.
When this option is selected, the maximum allowable moment is calculated and printed in the report.
Note that this option will only appear, if anchor handling has been activated for the particular vessel.

LoadmatePlus for DSV Mermaid Endurer


LoadmatePlus has been delivered for installation on the Mermaid Offshore Services diving support vessel Mermaid Endurer. New for this installation was a module for simulating crane operations to ensure compliance with class requirements, plus a deck loading module for unit loads. The installation is approved by Det norske Veritas.


Contact us for more information.

LoadmatePlus for Arklow Shipping F-class vessels


LoadmatePlus has been delivered for installation on the 9 Arklow Shipping F-class general cargo/grain sister ships, Arklow Faith, Arklow Falcon, Arklow Fame, Arklow Fern, Arklow Field, Arklow Flair, Arklow Fortune, Arklow Freedom, and Arklow Future. For this installation, it was necessary to add a module to handle the grain regulations.

The installations are approved by the Bureau Veritas (BV).


Contact us for more information.